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AgroTracker Season and products

Benefits of AgroTracker

This system has helped out-grower & organisations both in central & northern Uganda regions (mostly in sorghum farmer groups) to track each activity and event that happens in a season this boosted revenue using the features below :-.

Live Imagery

Agro-Tracker provides "heat map" images of your target “farmers" or gardens; with this information you can track the health of the crops.

Weather Forecast

Live weather forecast for each crop/product in a particular season; which is specific to each area.

Multiple Season Management

The system can handle multiple products/crops and multiple seasons simultaneously, special roles can be assigned to the users managing a given season or produc.t

Inventory Tracking

Agro-tracker is built to help users and their managers alike to monitor inputs & implements inventory such as seed, pest-sides, fertilizer.

Trending Reports & Statistics

From the reports section, you can filter, compare and track harvest, inputs, farmers’ performance and seasons’ and products’ performances over the years.

Geo Fencing

The system provides you with module to select areas or district to track crops activity and weather forest.

Who we are

AgroTracker is developed by TEMSOFT; a software company based in Kampala, Uganda focused on completing the value chain in agricultural industry through developing reliable and secure software.

Agro Dynamics Ltd

When you have any questions or inquiries on how to acquire or operate agroTracker, please feel free to contact us or visit us using the information bellow:-

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